Hey solopreneurs and small biz owners: 

Let’s Make Your Dreams Work for You

How sturdy is your organization, really?

Your operations will make or break you. Stop losing sleep, time, and money because you don’t have the systems and operations in place to support your business. You and your business deserve better than that.

A solid structure wrangles your dreams to work for you.

"I was always going to work harder instead of smarter without Brie."

I’m a jump first and then look later kind of gal when it comes to processes. They’re just not my thing. But thank goodness they’re Brie’s thing, and that she found me and helped me realize I was making my life way harder than I needed to! The truth of the matter is, I had tried to do one or two things for my systems in the past and completely gave up because I couldn’t figure it out. Her empathetic leadership met me where I was at (scared), walked me through the process (hallelujah!), and left me with more time in my day and a process that supports my business and my clients (#winning!).

Kelcie, Kelcie Ottoes Copywriting


List of clients: Finding Good, Lotus Sustainability, Manufacturer's Edge, Women in Sustainability, and more

Four Ways to Wrangle Your Dreams

You know that wall you’ve been banging your head against? Here are four ways I can pull you over it so we can keep moving forward, together.

For Folks who Just Need Guidance...

Wrangle a Smaller Dream: Coaching and Workshops

Is there one boulder you just can’t get yourself over? Have something coming up, like a launch or a migration, that you need to think through with a process expert? Look no further! 

You don’t have to create new processes blindly.

For Folks who Need The Path Forward...

Map that Dream: Strategy and Action Planning Workshop

You’ve got the idea. But making a plan and executing might feel like a huge barrier.

Let's map out the future of your business, create the processes to get there, and bake in accountability to get it done.

For Folks who Need Help Making Big Moves...

Wrangle a Big Dream: Process Overhaul 

Is it time to reconfigure the way your run your business? Big moves require big research, big strategy and big processes. I can help. 

There’s no price on peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for your business. 

For Orgs that Need Part-Time Support...

Chief Dream Wrangler: Fractional Operations Leadership

You need ongoing operations leadership support, but you don't need a full time employee yet.

Hire the help you need to make sure your business is executing like it should be.  You don’t have to do everything on your own.

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